Spring Has Sprung

Is it spring where you live? I can tell that it must be arriving soon because my kiddos are practically pounding down the door. The littlest, Little Man A, is especially squirrely and has a melt-down anytime someone steps out a door and doesn’t take him with them. I don’t blame him. If I was dependent on someone else to give me the freedom of soaking in the sun and breathing the damp but sweet smelling air I might go Crrrrazy.

Happy for Spring

This past Sunday the spring goddesses of all things living and good gave us a little mid-March treat. I know better than to put away the winter coats (although I had to stop myself TWICE during naptime today from bagging them all up and storing them deep in the depths of the basement until next year’s first snowflake arrives), but it was a nice treat anyway.

A Spring in A's Step

While the big boys filled wheel barrows with wood chips, the little guy and I decided to take a walk. I was reminded that last fall at this time he was barely walking, and now it’s taking everything I have to catch up with him. I have a feeling he and I will be pounding the pavement a lot this spring as his little legs learn the magical combination of children and summertime.

Little A

– EC
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