Today, My Day Was Saved

Today, my day was saved by Sesame Street. My daughter was tired, hungry, thirsty, crabby, teething or SOMETHING, and Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest of the gang were able to make her happy when nothing else could. We sat on the couch and watched Sesame Street for, oh, longer than I care to admit.

Huge shout out to Sesame Street!

It made me think. I have gratitude to more than just Sesame Street. There are people and things that have helped me tremendously in my 14 months as a mom.

Here are just a few of my shout outs:

  • Shout out to infant’s ibuprofen!  You have soothed my baby during ear infections, fevers, new teeth.  You have stopped the crying.  You have eased my mind.
  • Shout out to spring!  My house is too small for winter.
  • Shout out to milk!  I think if my daughter had to choose, she would choose you over me.  She LOVES you.  And you make her happy and healthy, so I love you too.
  • Shout out to Feist!  Your music has made our diaper changes easier.  I haven’t gotten poop on myself or the wall ONCE since we started playing your music in the bedroom.
  • Shout out to rainy days!  You provide quiet times in our busy life.  You slow us down just when we need it.  But please, don’t come around too often.
  • Shout out to clotrimazole!  You are foot cream, but you get rid of my daughter’s antibiotic-induced yeast infections, too!  You are amazing!
  • Shout out to grandparents!  You love our baby independent of us.  You will always be there for her and watch out for her.  And you will let us know if we are doing something wrong.  I don’t always want to hear it, but I will always remember that your heart is in exactly the right place.
  • Shout out to cheese!  From the dogs to the adults, every single member of my family loves you.
  • Shout out to bed time!  My sanity thanks you.  Please talk to nap time and see if you can get it on board, too.
  • Shout out to my dogs!  You are annoying, you smell, and you cost too much money.  But you are kind to my daughter, and she loves you.
  • Shout out to Dexter’s Pub!  You provide a place that my whole family feels comfortable and welcome.  You have great food, an awesome beer list, stellar service, and you know us – and our baby – by name.
  • Shout out to our daycare!  No one would call you the best that there is.  But for a insanely small amount of money per hour, you have taught my daughter some very useful sign language, single-handedly gotten her to eat solid foods, and treated her with love and respect.  You are (relatively) affordable, accommodating to my part-time schedule, and close to home.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.
  • Shout out to books!  I love that my girl would choose you over any of her toys.  Like Mary Poppins, you are practically perfect in every way.
  • Shout out to generics!  You provide the same products at a fraction of the price.  You have helped us buy the things we need and want for our family without being a burden on our sometimes meager budget.
  • Shout out to dandelions!  You assure me that I can lay our blanket in the park without fear that the grass has been chemically treated.
  • Shout out to my camera!  You aren’t fancy.  You’re kind of banged up.  But you fit in my pocket and have reliably and beautifully captured the best times in my life.  And you’re pink!
  • Shout out to graham crackers!  You have dried tears in the car seat, in the cart at the grocery store, and in the stroller.  I try to never leave home without you.
  • Shout out to Madison!  I fell in love with you the minute I laid eyes on you.  I can’t think of any place that I’d rather raise a family.



  1. My day is saved when moms at the playground are not too afraid to chit chat with me, a stay-at-home-dad, at the playground.

  2. Oh, I share love for so many things on this list. I’ll admit I give my constantly teething 14 month old generic infant ibuprofen at the drop of a hat. Our graham crackers are these earth’s best cereal bars that we find at Woodman’s. They can solve any impending tantrum in public, so I always have one in my bag. I know using food as a weapon/reward/etc. isn’t the best thing, but for now? It works pretty darn well. We love our part-time caregivers so much, and H’s life wouldn’t be the same without them. They are like family.

    What a lovely list. We love Madison, too, and the closer I get to potentially leaving (finishing school soon) I get sadder and sadder.

    • ALW
    • May 11th, 2010

    @Accidents – yes! We use the ibuprofen so much that we even asked the doctor, ever so casually, “how much is too much?”

    I’m going to check out those Earth’s Best grahams at Woodman’s for sure. Good tip!

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