A while ago, oh, say many months ago, I did a quick round up of some blogarellas that I enjoy following. I promised the same for some dude bloggers and oh, hey! Look over there!

The official uniform?

Did I distract you yet?

Here’s my promise. Check out these dudes, tell them what you like and visit often.

Dadcentric: It’s a movement! With ten dads behind the words, you’ve got relationships, guides, rants, raves and more. Twitter @dadcentric.

Dadwagon: Journo-dads living in NYC. They post poignant and spit-your-coffee-out musings on life with child(ren). I have read every single thing they post. And I don’t want that time back. Twitter @dadwagon.

Packing the Panic Room: How do some people, who have two eyes, just like I do, see things in a completely different way? That’s the wonder of humans, and Ryan Marshall invites us into his work and life on this amazing photo and video and story blog. I promise that you’ll go back. Twitter @thepanicroom.

Sweet Juniper: What’s it like to raise your kid in Detroit? Check out what the two Jims have to say.

What are some of your favorites?

–        MD

p.s. Hey, are you on Twitter? Well, consider it, since 6 percent of the adult U.S. population is. Your call, but if you want to see my thought patterns throughout the day, follow me: @InMadison. You can also find fellow contributor ALW: @luckeywinters.

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