The Cough

The cough is back. You know that terrible cough kids get – where they are asleep, yet hacking up a lung, almost choking as they do so? Little Miss Red had The Cough last week, resulting in CH and I taking turns getting up with her to soothe her, as she cried out after each ragged cough sliced her throat raw. We’d hold her and rock her, finding that the only way to ease the coughing was to have her upright for 10 to 15 minutes. Yes, we’ve tried it all. We found that a combination of honey as a throat soother and Vick’s spread on her chest, back, feet and under her nose helps, but sometimes a little person just coughs.

We should be thankful, really, because a year ago The Cough was a visitor monthly, almost predictable. Now it’s rare, but we can thank the new germs from her preschool class as soldiers that finally cut down her immune system.

The Cough thankfully went away, even after I was called to pick her up early last week, and CH and I each took a day off of work to be with our dripping faucet of a little lady, trapped in the house by The Cough and rainy weather. It came back last night. From 2 to 3 a.m. I was with her, helping as I could, then slept on the couch to listen for her, just in case.

Our house is so small that her cough reverberates, but the closeness of being on the couch means fewer steps to take to comfort her.

Crabby when we woke her up, she was happy in the car ride to preschool, marker and paper in hand. “Look, mama, I drewed a flower.”

–          MD

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