First Responders

I’m not doing too bad for being up at 2 a.m. changing poopy sheets. CH and I were awoken last night by Miss Red crying, “I need to go potty,” and I asked him to help her. I heard commotion and headed downstairs to find Miss Red crying and CH frustrated. “Can you change her sheets?”

Sleeping Beauty

With two Pull-Ups still unused, Miss Red decided last week that she didn’t want to wear them at nighttime. Since she stays dry through the night 99% of the time, we didn’t push the issue. I knew we were taking a risk, but I was glad to cross off Pull-Ups from the shopping list.

I changed her sheets while CH dealt with changing her and wiping her down. She was so upset – I’m guessing a mix of embarrassment and being tired, and it was a struggle to get her do anything. Her room smelled. The bathroom smelled. When we put her back into bed she still refused to take off her pajama top, which was soaked, and I convinced her to change shirts by letting he wear her Solidarity t-shirt, which she calls her “Be Nice to Teachers” shirt. Heh heh.

I tucked her in, checking her forehead, and she fell asleep immediately. CH put the sheets and blankets in the washing machine and needed to shower himself. As the first responder, he was dirty for sure.

Back in my own bed, adrenaline had made me Awake, and after a few minutes of tossing and turning I made my way onto our couch. The experience reminded me of when I was home on maternity leave with Miss Red, and she simultaneously pooped onto me and puked down my shirt. I had a New Mom Moment of Panic – unaware of what to do. It was gross, but in the end, and even now, I laughed a little bit. It’s par for the course – as newborns move from a bundle of nerves who poop and puke to toddlers who are afraid to poop and puke, our role is to be there and catch it all.

– MD

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