Creating Memory

This year many of our friends were pregnant, including Miss Red’s former daycare provider, so talking about babies was an all-the-time occurrence. She’d ask if babies were in everyone’s tummy and share information about if they were a boy or girl.

We started talking about when she was in my body, and out of nowhere she said, “and then I jumped!” Which is quite funny, since she wasn’t much of a jumper, more like a slow-moving deep sea creature.

Even now, at dinner, she’ll talk about how she was in my body and that I worked hard to get her out. During a car ride Ray LaMontagne came on the radio, and I told her that we played his music while in labor. “And then I jumped!”

How do you share your pregnancy stories with your kids? Do they share an interest in them?

– MD


  1. I started talking to Charlotte more about this when I got pregnant so she could relate to the baby. She was fascinated by the idea of being in my tummy. I told her about how she kicked me and hiccuped, and she was enthralled. We haven’t gotten around to how she got OUT of my tummy, but I’m thinking we need to have that conversation because she told me tonight that she didn’t want the baby to come out because it was going to break my tummy.

      • MD
      • November 10th, 2011

      Well, they sure to break parts of our body, but then they heal – thereby offering another example for her of how amazing the human body is:) But yes, no Alien-like birth.

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