The Cousins

My intentions for posting daily for NaBloPoMo were true, really they were. I even posted from the road while traveling for work, but last Thursday we three hopped on a plane for Galveston, Texas, and I barely checked my email or opened the laptop, so alas, I lapsed.

We went to Galveston for a lovely wedding. It was my first time there, with my previous Texas experiences limited to San Antonio, where my mother is from, and Austin.

Our little family really enjoys spending time with my mother-in-law’s family. This might sound like a given for some people, but I come from a complicated and fractured family myself – some people aren’t talking to one another on one side, I’m not talking to others on another side – and in some cases, people can’t even remember why they aren’t talking anymore. I grew up with a cousin only three months younger and for much of our lives we were attached at the hip, and to this day retain a close bond. I have been close to other family members over the years, but time or distance have pulled us apart, so to have family that actually likes spending time together is a joy.

This gaggle of relatives stem from my mother-in-law and her three siblings. Their offspring and the people who have  married in and their children are all called The Cousins. I get to be a Cousin, and we range in age from 22 to 38. We live in Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, New York, Texas, Wisconsin and Japan, and when we get together, it’s a veritable United Nations meeting – with representatives from Scotland and Russia, too.

My favorite moments were the ones where Miss Red and her Arizona cousins played – coloring, twirling, dancing, laughing, and running.

At our final lunch together we started looking at calendars for our next family reunion. A time when The Cousins can frolic again.

What are you favorite family memories?

– MD

    • Joeli
    • November 15th, 2011

    Here are some of mine – my uncle would write a “play” on his flight from CA to MN for Christmas and assign each of us cousins a part. We’d ransack the house we were at for make-shift costumes and he’d narrate while we performed for the rest of the parents. Another uncle would take me, my brother and his son to Adventure Land (the six flags of IA) each summer and ride all of the rides with us. Sledding at “grandma’s hill” with all the cousins at Christmas. Playing the card game “garbage” with all of my cousins (some crazy game that involved gambling with pennies, bingo and cards). baking and garage saling with my mom. going to the school gym to play ball with my dad (we had all access because he was a teacher and we’d “sneak” in after school). very fun topic! I can’t wait to read some others and maybe get some ideas of new traditions we can start with our little family!

  1. November 17th, 2011

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