Change of Address, Moving and More

Dear Readers,

Do you know that this wee blog has been around for three years next month? It’s true.

So, I have some changes.

1. I moved the blog to I know that that’s crazy, since you’ve been coming here for years, but here’s why:
a. When I started FSAT, it was meant to be a hub for parents to share their stories of the first year of parenting. Well, I’m now on year 3.5 of parenting, and the content has changed. I’m slowly writing more about myself, and it didn’t seem to fit.
b. I’m pretty active on Twitter, and my handle there is InMadison. In fact, I had reserved at the same time I reserved FSAT. It just sat there in the internet limbo.

2. Here’s another big change. ALW, the top-read writer on FSAT, has branched off and created her own spot online: A Little Luck. I am so happy for her, and I hope you’ll hop over and sign up to read her words.

3. So, can I give you an assignment? I know that this is everything different than what you’re supposed to do online, but can you please switch your feeds and sign-ups to InMadison? At the bottom of the first page you can sign up for email, or on the left is the RSS feed link. There’s always Google reader, too. Then, sign up to follow A Little Luck?

Hope to see around!



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